Heretic Commando – Recording Update pt.2HERETIC COMMANDO NATOČENO

The recording of our new album HYPNOS entitled “Commando Heretic / The New Rise Of The Antichrist” has been largely completed at SHAARK Studios.  Our guest members will record their parts and then the whole recording mixing and mastering will take place at the Norwegian studio TOPROOM.

The album will be released and globally distributed in April 2012 by the German record label Einheit PRODUKTIONEN.  We also plan to launch the first single entitled ‘Inverted’ including a video clip.  This track will be also featured in the upcoming album.

Druhé album HYPNOS „The Revenge Ride“ z roku 2001, bude vydáno v prosinci 2011 v LP formátu na modrém vinylu tuzemskou firmou Monster Nation a bude obsahovat 2 bonusové live skladby.

Letos se jedná už o třetí vinyl HYPNOS uvedený na trh (po „In Blood We Trust“ a „Halfway To Hell“). Objednávejte na

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