Heretic Commando – Promo Trailer!

Heretic Commando

 We are glad to unveil the front layout for our new upcoming album entitled ‘Heretic Commando – Rise of the New Antikrist’, recently completed by Eclipse Media.  Moreover a video trailer was made for promotional purposes, which is now available for previewing. 

Heretic Commando


HYPNOS „Heretic Commando“ CD 2012, Einheit Produktionen


1. Nailed To The Golden Throne
2. Inverted / Chasing The Apostles
3. Cholera / Mor
4. Burning Again / Hymn Of Eternal Fire
5. Alliance Of Snakes / Reptilian Conception
6. In Love With Death
7. Decadence / Art Of Modern Misery
8. Extremely Dark Days
9. Versus The Void
10. Urbi At Morbid / Farewell To Sanctity