Heretic Commando – Digipack (incl. DVD) & CD – OUT NOW!!

Hypnos - Heretic Commando CD/DVD

Hypnos - Heretic Commando CD/DVD


1. Nailed To The Golden Throne
2. Inverted / Chasing The Apostles
3. Cholera / Mor
4. Burning Again / Hymn Of Eternal Fire
5. Alliance Of Snakes / Reptilian Conception
6. In Love With Death
7. Decadence / Art Of Modern Misery
8. Extremely Dark Days
9. Versus The Void
10. Urbi At Morbid / Farewell To Sanctity

The album received plenty of positive reviews throughout the world´s metal media such as from the German
LEGACY MAGAZINE reaching the 14th position in the ‘album of the month’ chart. Just check some of the latest comments:

“Hypnos returns surprisingly and triumphant! The new album features challenging, mature Blackend
Death Metal material throughout.” (Markus Eck,

“Hypnos do not simply deliver a blue print of their widely anticipated sound. The band really benefited
from the long break. A very strong comeback!” (Frank Albrecht,

“Death Metal Deluxe. What VADER is for Poland, HYPNOS is for Czech Republic, the country’s best-
known and most influential Death Metal Band!” (Patrick Schmidt,

“Hypnos sparks a deadly blackened bonfire full of energy.” (Dominik Winter,

“No concessions towards today’s overproduced plastic sound.” 12/15 Points (Bjoern Thorsten

“HYPNOS – Brilliant, subtle and dynamic return!” (Arnaud Vansteenkiste,

“If you thought all had been said in death metal, take a listen to “Heretic Commando – Rise Of The
New Antikrist” – it will make you change your opinion!” (Petr Riha,

„Certainly this is most mature HYPNOS record ever, that definitely shut up the mouths to all doubters
who think that Czech band is not able to play world-class death metal.” 10/10 Points (Myval,

„It’s fun again to listen to these guys.“ (Wolle,