Mystic Production Publishing today announced that the last, six hundred sixty-six, copies of REVOLTIKON are officially sold out after 106 days from its release. We all, who have been involved in this life-story book, want to thank to everyone who bought this book, but also to all who have read it at least and last but not least, those who us wrote about own impressions and praised. Thank you. For me personally, one of the most enjoyable finding is the fact that people still aspire to read. Unfortunately, above written de facto means that it does not make any sense to place e-shop orders, because the stock is empty.

Of course, we discussed to do a reprint. But after all, Mystic wisely refused this solution, explaining that the limited edition was announced from the beginning and it would not be fair to the fans, who got their copy to have at home a kind of rarity, “cheat” them with making it available to everyone later. This project served its purpose well above expectations and it is currently considered as closed. At this moment I am still considering to bring a few of my private promo copies on sale. If that happens, it will be strictly at HYPNOS concerts only, because I really do not have the capacity to deal with any cash on delivery and things associated with this.

Not to praise only. Although we are all very happy we brought REVOLTIKON in life and successfull sell out, we regret that despite of a few levels of language control, we have failed to eliminate all grammatical and stylistic errors. It was partially caused by auto corrections and partially by work fatigue and inattention us all after reading the entire book several times in a short period of time when we were, of course, pushed by deadlines to the wall. The above mentioned, however, cannot be our excuse, rather an explanation. What struck me most, however, I regret I did not notice that editing graphics program deleted two articles. I realized that when I first time flipped through the book in the train on the way home from the Mystic Production office and it bothers me to this day. Therefore, I would like to add these articles at least now, in order to have text and the story complete, especially because of the fact that the second article it extremely important for me.
So once again thanks to all,