DVD Recording in progress

Pre-Christmas hometown show of HYPNOS will consist interesting particularity and it is making of live DVD entitled “The Whitecrow”. „We wanna make our hometown shows a tradition for meeting not only death metal fans who are still in the picture but also for those who were following the scene especially in 90-ies. They can meet old friends and groups they parted the ways with a while ago due to the different fates. Death metal is not only musical phenomenon but also social,” says frontman Bruno and adds: “I am personally very glad, that every year our hometown show brings more and more people and I have any doubts that this year we will reach new record. We wanna make this show a biggest HYPNOS gig in Uherské Hradiště ever. There is no better place to record our first official live DVD than on the scene that “made us” and that was standing by us always so strongly. We wanna show that we appreciate this.”

Show will be recorded by 11 cameras in full HD resolution and 4 of them will be placed just for drummer. This recording will be handled by Polish company “Drummers from hell” who are specialized for worldwide metal drummers recording. There will be also special projection during the entire showtime. Live DVD will take a part of new HYPNOS CD called “The Whitecrow”. Recording session starts in the end of February in Czech SHAARK studio with Norwegian producer Børge Finstadem again. “We start recording close to the place we live, postproduction, mixing and mastering will be done in Norway, in Toproom studio and I plan to be there as well. We also plan to ask several musicians for guest appearances,” states Bruno. Release date of new album is to be expected at autumn 2016. Due to the upcoming studio activities, HYPNOS will not perform live over Czech Republic until summer holidays, so all die-hard fans should not miss last 2 shows for 2015 year, 18.12. in Kroměříž and 19.12. in Uherské Hradiště, both with PURGATORY (GER) and DYSANGELIUM (CZ).